We Enter Online Contests Together

When I was younger, my mom used to get this magazine in the mail that was all about contests. She would spend a small fortune every month on stamps because that was the only way to enter the contests then. This was way before computers became a household item. I grew to love the giveaways and contests that she entered because she ended up winning some really cool things. However, I did not want to have to send things off in the mail to win an Amazon giveaway or to win a year’s worth of baked goods.

Thankfully, those times are in the past. With the Internet, everything is just so much easier now, including entering giveaways by major corporations as well as smaller companies. One of my favorites to enter is Amazon contests because I do so much shopping on there. I love being able to go to my favorite giveaways site and see if there are any new contests that I can enter. Just the other day, I entered to win another Amazon gift card. I say another, because I have already won three of them in the last couple of years thanks to this site.

My mom had always been opposed to getting a computer in her house because she thought they were just too expensive. When I showed her how the prices are coming down, along with showing her the website I use to win my contests, she had me take her out that weekend to buy a computer and teach her how to use it. Now we are both entering contests on a pretty regular basis, and she is as lucky as I am. Maybe I should say I am as lucky as she is because she has won a lot more in her lifetime, and she is enjoying this new way of winning even more.