Should I Buy An Ereader ? Find the Answers Before You Buy

One of the most asked questions by avid readers is should I buy an ereader. The Simple answer is yes, but, read our e reader reviews first, compare e readers, get best free advice available before you commit yourself. E reader technology has taken eBook reading to a cutting edge level. You can read your book anywhere; you can even take the world library with you into the outback.

Among the virtually misconstrued ideas on e-readers follows that an e-reader equals simply some other computer screen. The fact is that e-readers in reality bear a exceptional screen that guarantees reduced strain to your eyes than the conventional computer screen would make. A lot of readers accept that there’s very trivial difference when reading printed text edition against reading a eBook on an e-reader.

We have all found out since appearances like Reading Rainbow and Wishbone Show that reading books possess the ability to take us anyplace. An e-reader is like one library; build up with so many possibilities. A Single e reader accommodates more than a library and affords you a lot of of your favoured book titles as you could ever actually want all in the small frame of an e reader. In Addition, they make it uncomplicated to take notes, highlight passage as well as save clips of references you want to be able to find again.

Have I answered your question should I buy an e-reader yet? If not please continue reading, or might want to consider reviewing available e-readers. E readers are all about improving readability. They’re configured to for enjoy-ability of your reading experience with virtually no hassle. Can you imagine taking a pile of books with you on a business journey or long road-trip; it causes you a lot of inconveniencies. eReaders are made to be portable, convenient and good for almost every reading environment. The only drawback of an e reader might come if you get splashed at the pool or unexpectedly spill your coffee on it.

E-books cost less to buy than conventional printed books. If you’re an individual who purchases books in their dozens, buying online for e-books might just be the best alternative for you. Please bear in mind the e reader itself is not as cheap (costing over hundred dollars on average), so in case you do not read a great deal, then maybe an e-reader isn’t for you.

The battery lifetime on just about all e-readers is exceeding good, you don’t have to be troubled about draining out power before you complete reading an eBook. That’s a feature that everyone yearns for.

E-readers broadly are made with a zoom in characteristic, which is marvellous for citizenry who are low sightedness, who are commonly tired. Text can be zoomed to very small or very large, depending on a individual’s preference.

Hopefully I have now answered your question: should I buy an ereader. There are numerous types of e readers available on the market including brand names like Amazon Kindle, Sony, if you are interested in reviewing e-readers by types please follow the links below to review individual e-readers.

Should I buy an ereader Below $150
With the numerous advantages we can get with the use of e-readers the demand for them are rapidly increasing. With the increase in the demand, price drops would not come as big shockers anymore. It is just the same with any other technology that we have.

Cheap e-readers will be more and more affordable. The price will drop on older models, thus the cheap e-reader market will get better. Hence there would be more chances for people out there who like to experience the newest e-reader versions.

Of course, price is just one factor people consider before answering the question should I buy an ereader. The quality of the product, adequate inventory and appealing marketing are just as important. There are currently three wireless E Ink eBook readers on the market that cost under $150: the Kindle 3, the Nook, and the Kobo Reader. All three have Wi-Fi.

Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi
Not only is it one of the lowest cost e-readers, Amazon Kindle 3 Wi-Fi comes with enough features to put it above many of the higher priced models. Unlike previous Kindles, the $139 Kindle Wi-Fi will connect to the Internet using only Wi-Fi instead of a cellular phone network as other Kindles do. This version is smaller and lighter, with higher contrast screens and crisper text. This version also has a web browser. It’s battery last for up 3 to 4 weeks.

Barnes and Noble Nook Wi-Fi
The new Nook Wi-Fi includes a 3.5” LCD color touch screen for navigation and a 6 inches E-Ink display for e-reading plus Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Nook

It also has a web browser. As part of the Nook eBook Reader family, Nook Wi-Fi features Barnes & Noble’s breakthrough LendMe™ technology, which allows its customers to share eBooks with their friends for up to 14 days.
Nook Wi-Fi also offers the same great in-store features like Read In Store™ to browse complete eBooks in Barnes & Noble stores for free. It can read files in several different formats including mp3, pdf, pdb, and epub.

Nook Wi-Fi customers can also use the included USB cable to connect their device to a PC or Mac to transfer their personal files in ePub, PDF and PDB formats to their Nook. In addition, customers can transfer and read personal files that utilize Adobe’s latest digital rights management or are rights-free.

Kobo Wi-Fi
The Kobo Wi-Fi at $139 has a Wi-Fi wireless connectivity. It has an improved faster processor that enables 2.5 times faster. Page turns a new, sharper, 16-greyscale, 6 inches e-Ink screen. It also has a built-in dictionary to look up word definitions.

Kobo Wireless

There’s a GB of built-in memory, with an SD card slot for additional storage and has longer battery life. Unfortunately for Kobo, Amazon drastically improved the Kindle 3, made it smaller and lighter, and slashed the price of the Kindle 3 Wi-Fi to just $139, so Kobo’s pricing advantage before is gone.

When asking the question Should I Buy an eReader Some people claim that with the same price they couldn’t see getting the Kobo 2 over the Kindle 3, considering the Kindle’s extra features and better e-book store and support from Amazon.

Hopefully this articles has helped you naswer the question should I buy an ereader