Finally Faced with a Challenge

For the first two years of college, I’ve been able to get through my computer science classes without needed any outside help. The assignments were easy enough to understand, I could take the quizzes and tests and be through with them before anyone else while getting some of the highest scores in the class, and sometimes people would even come to me for help. Now that I’m in my third year, I’ve had to use a computer science homework helpers – website because the assignments that I’ve been getting have been harder to understand. For once, I feel as if I’m presented with a challenge.

The course that I’ve been taking has been doing some interesting things with logic gates. We’ve writing special programs that create simple items using the gates, and the state of the gates determines what the thing will do. For something that relies on only a couple of gates, the code that we have to write isn’t really that hard, but for anything with eight or more, things seem to be a bit more difficult. There are a lot more cases for things to go wrong as the number of gates increases, which increases the frustration.

There’s a great sense of satisfaction that I get when I complete an assignment. Part of it comes from knowing that I’ll never have to see that assignment again, but it’s also from the fact that I’ve been able to conquer something that has given me so much trouble. I’ve always felt this way when faced with something bigger than myself. The fact that I’ve been able to practically cost by in all of my other classes without hitting a road block has also played into this, because anything that feels like a challenge puts me into a determined state to tackle it.