eReaders for Kids

eReaders for Kids ? well most eBook readers currently available are made for adults. eBook readers for kids are unusual, however if you shop around enough, you will find eBook readers available that are intended for kids. Children have special reading requirements and this is the reason that some eBook readers are not appropriate for children.

What are my expectations for eReaders for Kids ? 
Children like books better if the graphics are big and full of color. Because many eBook readers currently focus mostly on words, they are usually monochromatic. This will seem boring when kids look at it. Because most eBook are unavailable in color, you can make up for this by choosing eBook readers with a touchscreen.

Special features are not needed for children because they care mostly about going from one page to another. Your best choice is an eBook reader that features simple navigation controls.

Because children are the ones who will be using it most, it is suggested that you buy an eBook that is durable and possibly spill-proof. Most likely the surface will require frequent cleaning so it is a good idea to buy an eBook reader that is stain resistant. Obviously, it should be lightweight. Finally, the price should be affordable.

Now that we have an idea of what features should be present in eReaders for Kids, here’s a great recommendation:

VTech V.Reader Animated E-Book System: 
VTech V.Reader is the sole eBook reader currently on the market that is made especially for children. It meets all of the requirements that were previously mentioned in the paragraphs such as bright graphics in color, simple navigation, sturdiness and lightweight structure.

The eBooks that are available for this gadget are obviously intended for children. The stories are full of color and animation with lively music and sounds. If you want a device made especially for children, this is your best option. It is available for $59.96.

The Sony Digital Reader Pocket Version: 
If it is your goal for your children to begin reading full length texts, this eReaders for Kids is a good way to get them on their way. It is not heavy so it won’t be hard for kids to carry it around. Some of the advanced features might not be used if your children are too young to understand innovative devices. The price for this eBook reader is $148.97.

The Ectaco Jbl-en Jetbook-lite Ereader: 
Similar to the Sony Digital e Reader Pocket Version, this is a lightweight eBook reader and it is easy for children to handle. While it has more advanced features, that could end up being an advantage. Among its advanced features are auto page navigation and bookmarking; these are features that may be useful for children as well as easy to utilize. The price for this eBook reader is $129.27.

The Barnes & Noble Nook eBook Reader: 
Children will surely like The Nook because it has a colorful touchscreen display. The dictionary is built in so it is useful for children to understand the meaning of words while they are reading eBook. This eReaders for Kids is advanced, however, so the cost for an EBook reader for kids might be somewhat expensive. The cost is $239.99.

The Amazon Kindle: Kindle 2 
Similar to the Nook, a built-in dictionary is included in the Kindle 2 and this will enhance children’s educational experience. In addition, the Kindle does not weigh much so it’s simple for kids to read eBooks in bed or in another area in which they are comfortable.

As many as 1,500 books can be stored on it, allowing you and your kids to share your selections. Battery power is very good and children need to charge one time a week if WiFi is used but if not, one time every two weeks is enough. This eReaders for Kids might cost too much because price is $189.00, just like the Nook.

You might also be able to find used Kindles, but make sure you know the considering factors before making that purchase.