Best Places to Get Ebooks

Get Ebooks – If you utilize an ebook reader, it is imperative that you shop around before you purchase any ebooks. It’s a good idea to have a complete list of ebook sources because there are many places to download ebooks, and prices may vary wildly.

First of all let’s consider the free ebook sources available, where you can get a treasure chest of printed books as free downloads.

How to get ebooks free: Project Gutenberg is the very best place to get free books. This fantastic resource features everything from the classics, such as Alice In Wonderland, the Art Of War, or Pride And Prejudice, to some current works. It is possible to find hundreds of thousands of excellent, down-loadable ebooks in every format (epub/kindle/pdf/txt).

There are several sites available that allow you to get ebooks free; however, they typically come from Project Gutenberg. It is also possible to locate a number of popular books on bit torrent websites, if you utilize those sites.

Quality will vary, so if you enjoy the book, be sure to buy it. This supports the author. The best places to buy ebooks all around the UK include: Kobo Books, which has a large store (2 million titles) and fantastic prices. It is possible to download their e-reader software on your PC, Mac, Ipad or Iphone; alternatively, you can download the ebooks in epub/pdf format.

Diesel Ebooks are compatible with most ebook readers and usually have great prices on ebooks in the UK. Additionally, their catalog of ebooks is surprisingly large, and you can purchase in all the major formats. It is easy to purchase books, and rewards are given that you can use as a discount off your next order. (Compatible with the majority of ebook readers)

Amazon Kindle Store – If you possess an Ipad or a Kindle Amazon is the best store to get ebooks. Amazon’s ebook prices are quite competitive; however, it’s too bad that you can’t download their books in popular formats for eReaders other than Kindle.

The ebooks selection at Waterstones website (click ebooks) is good; however, their catalog in no way rivals that of Kobo or Diesel. Furthermore, their purchase process is not as user friendly.

If you want to find a good place to get ebooks in the United States, just check out Worldwide This is a great ebooks reference source. There is a big catalog and fair prices.

Kobo Books have a bigger store with 2 million titles and the prices are nice also. Their e-reader software can be downloaded on your personal computer, Mac, Ipad, iphone or in epub/pdf format for ebooks.

Diesel EBooks are compatible with most eBook readers. They have a big catalog and lots of books in a variety of formats on sale. It’s easy to get ebooks to buy, and you will get rewards to use the next time you place an order. (Compatible with most ebook readers)

If you use an Ipad or Iphone, where are the best places to get ebooks to purchase? By default, the Apple Ipad and Iphone have access to the Ibook store, but I am an Ipad user and I have found that it is impossible to find the best deals on ebooks there. Amazon normally charges 10-15% less for them.

However, some excellent alternatives are available:

If you sign up with Kobo you will get ebooks access to download their Ipad or Iphone applicattion. This will enable you to purchase books directly from Kobo Book store, and you will be able to take advantage of some outstanding discounts as well.

Where are the best places to purchases audiobooks?

It can be hard to find downloadable books. You can get some as CDs; however, this makes it hard to use your MP3 player, iphone, or ipod. We suggest having an Audible subscription so you can download audiobooks at the discount price of £4/$6.