Are Protein Shakes Worth It?

When it comes to deciding whether protein shakes are worth it for you, there is no definitive answer. Protein shakes are simply a quick and convenient way to get more protein in your daily diet. If you are able to get enough protein to achieve your fitness goals without protein shakes, then you will not benefit. Someone looking to build muscle will most likely need to use protein shakes to reach their daily intake goals. This is because it can be difficult to eat as much as 180g of protein from meat as it would take a lot of cooking and time to eat. In this case, you will definitely want to have protein shakes to help you add more protein to your diet.

However, I would only choose protein as a last resort and NOT a meal replacement. It’s always better to get real foods whenever you can and just add the protein supplement if needed.

The Cost of Protein Supplements – Avoid Getting Ripped Off!
As you probably know already, the fitness industry is absolutely flooded with bogus claims in order to market their product and get away with selling at a higher price. The soy protein market is way overpriced and they are guilty of a lot of bogus claims and are able to get away with the high markup as a result. Some of the whey protein companies are guilty of the same. The truth is that protein is protein. The “Super Power Max 2000″ protein brand does the same things as the “Standard Whey Protein Brand”. As long as it contains the essential amino acids then it will do the job. Whey protein is usually the cheapest. and it is also the best for post workout supplementation since it is able to digest so fast. Just be careful which whey protein brand you choose because the really high cost protein is definitely not worth the cost and the extremely cheap stuff may contain too much filler. This is why I recommend going with a recognized brand such as Gaspari or Optimum Nutrition Whey.

The Final Answer
If you are just looking to be healthy in general and maybe lose a little weight, you should be able to get enough protein just by eating things like chicken, steak, fish, beef, and even dairy products such as cottage cheese. These are great sources of protein that everyone should have in their diet. However, if you are on a busy schedule and find it difficult to eat ‘real protein’ all of the time then definitely have a protein shake.