The Wellness Courier Health Tips – Looking for Reliable Health Information

Looking for helpful health advice online seems easy, but when you consider the internet is flooded with misinformation and bad advice, it is actually very difficult. Even doctors have been caught spreading bad information on the internet and the media (see Sugar is Toxic 60 Minutes episode). However, if you look for sources that use proven scientific research for their health advice, then you can actually pick up some very valuable information that will guide you to a much healthier life.

What the Wellness Courier has done is created a great resource for people who want to live a healthier life. Their website is updated quite often with mostly information on nutrition. This isn’t just another website that swears by a magic pill or instant results that are not healthy or realistic. The Wellness Courier helps people understand that diet and nutrition advice put out by advertisers and advice proven by scientific research are not the same thing.

Once people can understand that a very large percentage of the diet and supplement industry are just doing everything they can to make a sale, then they will be able to easily tell the difference between bogus advice and truthful information. Just one example of this is the spreading of the myth that 6 meals per day will speed up your metabolism. This myth was spread as fact through many fitness/health magazines, celebrities, and news media. However, the science is just not there. What better way to boost the supplement industry than by telling people they should be eating 5-6 smaller meals per day? Most people simply do not have the time to prepare so many meals and look to supplementation because of the convenience.  Unfortunately with today’s society, if something is repeated enough it becomes the undeniable truth.

There are also many studies that are severely flawed. One example is the study that was featured on 60 minutes that claimed sugar is toxic. They took a group of sedentary people on a diet containing a massive amount of sugar. These people were not active at all and consumed well above the amount of sugar a normal person would eat in a day. This study concluded that eating any amount of sugar is toxic, when in fact, it only proved the obvious — eating on a caloric surplus with no exercise leads to weight gain. It is important to look for important to look for scientific research regarding your health, but it is equally crucial that you look at how the research was conducted and who was carrying out the study. Many supplement companies fund their own research and show obvious bias.