Throughout my career as head of school, I’ve encountered many students with different expectations regarding their future in the industry of executive protection. Some had more realistic perspectives than others; overall, however, many lack a clear understanding of the role of a bodyguard. Misconceptions are, of course, natural; we all have them to a certain degree. In this article, I will try to solve some of the common misconceptions related to the field of executive protection to help you better prepare for your chosen career.


Firstly, the importance of bodyguard training:

People want to be safe! A client’s perception of risk is probably the more important trigger for him to hire a bodyguard. I highly recommend that bodyguards complete training focused on emergency response with live fire, hand-to-hand combat and, most importantly, to have the skillset necessary to counter surveillance attempts before a shot is ever fired. Students who went through extensive, hands-on emergency training would be more effective than students with only a theoretical education.


Let us tackle the subject from the angle of the client – the VIP. The last thing a VIP wants to hear is that you, in theory, knows how to save him and keep him safe. VIPs are serious people with serious purchasing power, and they want to make sure that their money is buying the best of what’s out there. VIPs have achieved success in their respective fields because they are professionals. Therefore, they expect the same level of professionalism from those whom they choose to hire.


You, the reader, might say: I agree, but I was not born a bodyguard, I need to start somewhere! My suggestion to you is this: if you really want to become a professional bodyguard, follow the steps below.


1st step: Have a Strategy

Start to think strategically about your career and make sure every step you take along the way will serve your objective.

2nd step: Have a Plan

Start from what type of skills you want to develop – not diplomas. For example: become a martial arts black belt in 8 years; become certified in emergency driving skills; complete firearms tactical training for executive protection; acquire undercover skills for covert security and counter surveillance missions. If your ambition is to go overseas and/or high-risk mission profiles, I would suggest trying to do the PSD courses that emphasize tactical team level training with live fire and vehicle convoy, motorcades, and the like.


3rd step: Be Committed

Stay on top of your plan with schedule and budget commitments, such as BJJ, MMA or Krav Maga classes twice a week. Make sure to pay a weekend visit to the fire range, enroll in a driving skills course, and consider acting classes to enhance your undercover skillset to assist you in developing cover stories on the job. The highlight of your yearly plan should be to take part in one or two bootcamp-style courses. It is this straightforward training, as realistic as possible, that will push you to the next level and set you apart as a professional.


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Finally Faced with a Challenge

For the first two years of college, I’ve been able to get through my computer science classes without needed any outside help. The assignments were easy enough to understand, I could take the quizzes and tests and be through with them before anyone else while getting some of the highest scores in the class, and sometimes people would even come to me for help. Now that I’m in my third year, I’ve had to use a computer science homework helpers – website because the assignments that I’ve been getting have been harder to understand. For once, I feel as if I’m presented with a challenge.

The course that I’ve been taking has been doing some interesting things with logic gates. We’ve writing special programs that create simple items using the gates, and the state of the gates determines what the thing will do. For something that relies on only a couple of gates, the code that we have to write isn’t really that hard, but for anything with eight or more, things seem to be a bit more difficult. READ MORE

We Enter Online Contests Together

When I was younger, my mom used to get this magazine in the mail that was all about contests. She would spend a small fortune every month on stamps because that was the only way to enter the contests then. This was way before computers became a household item. I grew to love the giveaways and contests that she entered because she ended up winning some really cool things. However, I did not want to have to send things off in the mail to win an Amazon giveaway or to win a year’s worth of baked goods.

Thankfully, those times are in the past. READ MORE

Sleep Innovations 8 Inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress

The Sleep Innovations 8 inch Sure Temp memory foam mattressis made from premium memory foam that is environmentally manufactured. It is a cheap memory foam mattress with 2 inches of Sure Temp memory foam and 6 inches of base foam.

Sleep Innovations 8 Inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress

  • 2 inch layer of Sure Temp memory foam
  • 6 inch base foam
  • Luxurious all in one mattress cover
  • environmentally friendly manufacturing process
  • fire retardent barrier
  • conforms to body reducing pressure

The Mattress

The Sleep Innovations 8 inch Sure Temp memory foam mattressis made from a 2 inch top layer of Sure Temp memory foam and a bottom layer of base foam (6 inches). The base layer provides a supportive sleep surface that scatters your weight evenly for a great night’s sleep. Both layers together give you full support and prevent overheating which is seen in most standard memory foam mattresses.

Sure Temp Memory Foam

The Sleep Innovations 8 inch mattress is made from Sure Temp memory foam which gives you all the features of memory foam with the added benefit of a neutral temperature sleep surface. Sure Temp memory foam has improved airflow

Reduced Pressure/Relief From Pain

The Sleep Innovations memory foam mattress can provide you with reduced pressure points giving you a more comfortable night’s sleep and less tossing and turning (disturbaed) sleep. Memory foam can also help reduce pain and stiffness.

All-In-One Cover

The 8 inch Sure Temp memory foam mattress comes with a circular knit mattress cover.

Environmentally Friendly

The Sleep Innovations memory foam mattress has an environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

Fire Retardant

The memory foam mattress has a fire retardant barrier.

Available Sizes

The Sleep Innovations 8 inch Sure Temp memory foam mattress is available in twin, full, queen, king and California king size.


The Sleep Innovations memory foam mattress is available from $270-$400 depending on the size you want. This price is only available from Amazon and gives you up to 40% of the retail price.

What Customers Say

Customers gave the 8 inch memory foam mattress an average rating of 4.7 out of 5. The lowest rating for this memory foam mattress was 3 out of 5 stars, giving it an overall better rating than other memory foam mattresses available on the market, which tend to get a few 1s or 2s.

Customer comments included:

  • “I was concerned that the mattress might be too firm, but I sleep well on it. I have had the mattress for two months now, use it regularly and enjoy the comfort and convenience of the bed on the main floor.”
  • “…we have had it for about 3 months now and I couldn’t imagine not having it and I kick myself for not buying this product sooner. If anyone asked I would definitely recommend this mattress despite the initial fears of buying something you can’t really see up close. Also as for the bang for the buck, you can’t screw up unless you absolutely hate it.”
  • “A great night’s sleep is the best feature. The mattress absorbs shock and movement as an added benefit. If you would like a foam mattress the price is very reasonable for a mattress of this quality.”
  • “It was for my mom who is 60+ years old. She LOVED it. I am 8 months pregnant now and when I lay down on my side, it supports my belly very well – don’t need pillows.”
  • “Very good price and good quality!”
  • “Very comfortable bed, I bought it for my kids and I do have the original Temperpedic bed that costs 4 times more than this one. I will definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a great deal.”

The Sleep Innovations 8 Inch Sure Temp memory foam mattress is a cheaper memory foam mattress with great reviews (the lowest being 3 stars) making it value for money as well as confidence that you will get a great product.

What are eBook Readers

An eBook reader is a device that can be utilized to view eBooks. E-Book readers come in a variety for sizes, from cell phone sized to laptop sized to the size of a large monitor on a desktop computer.

There are a number of file formats that can be read by eBook readers. Most popular among these is PDF. An eBook reader is any device that allows you to read through the pages of a book in digital format.

What are some reasons I should purchase an eBook Reader? 
Because both cell phones and PDAs are thought of as eBook readers, it is entirely possible for a person who owns an eBook reader to have access to thousands of choices in reading materials at any given time. You can read classics such as “Moby Dick” and informative Internet posts that can assist you in answering the question, “What is an eBook reader?”; this information if permanently available in any location.

If your eBook reader has internet capability, you can download some books for free. You can also purchase your eBooks directly. You can transfer eBooks from other storage devices such as desktop computers, laptops, or a USB thumb drive.

It does not take a lot of energy to use an eBook reader, so you can carry it and read books anytime and anywhere without it having much affect on your battery life. The majority of stand-alone eBook readers are quite affordable, so users will save both energy and money. It will always be worthwhile to spend some money to obtain a compact source of entertainment and knowledge that knows no limits.

The Best eBook Reader Features: Here’s what you should look for! 
The display should be the main thing you focus on. If your eyes hurt while using it, it may be time to switch to something else. You can consider anything that does not distract you from the book’s words. Additionally, you will want features that will allow you to change back-light intensity and also to adjust the font and the size of the text.

While a touchscreen is not a necessity, it can aid in navigating the pages of eBooks. You then need to be certain that there is the option for a Wi-Fi connection in order to be able to read a vast variety of eBooks on the Internet. Be sure to get a subscription service that offers a large number of books so that you will have plenty of choice. Furthermore, do not forget that you will be able to download many eBooks online without any fees.

Will Physical Books Be Replaced By eBook Readers? 
It is all up to an individual’s personal preference. While eBook readers are small and can hold a whole library full of books, there is still a certain feeling that one gets when reading conventional books. Many people do not want to sacrifice the bond between actual book and reader.

Reading a book is a very unique activity. Some people do not like the glare of an electronic device while they are reading their eBook, but some people don’t seem to mind it. It will be a long time before eBook readers completely replace traditional books.

Dedicated eBook Readers vs. eBook Readers That Can Be Utilized for Other Purposes 
eBook readers that can be utilized in other ways are normally small gizmos, such as MP3 players, video players, cell phones and PDAs. This sort of device doesn’t make the best eBook reader because the display screen is so small. Also, the backlighting may cause eyestrain.

These devices are utilized for a variety of other things, including telephone communications, gaming, and multimedia playback, so they may not have a sufficient battery life to do all the things that their owner would like. That includes reading eBooks, even though this activity utilizes small amounts of energy.

An eBook Reader that is dedicated will be more efficient and dependable. They have larger screens, and easier-to-read font, and the battery lasts for a much longer time. For storing eBooks in a variety of file types, purchasing eBooks, organizing, managing and reading eBooks, you will definitely want to invest in a standalone eBook reader.

How do eBook Readers operate? 
For our purposes, we will only discuss stand-alone eBook readers. The reason for this is that older devices only displayed eBook files as text or graphic files. Dedicated eBook readers are a great deal more complex than that. eBook readers utilize a technology referred to as E Ink. Electronic paper is one term used to describe this technology.

To display text on your screen, eInk uses a significant amount of energy; however, once it is displayed, it doesn’t take energy to keep it there. This feature will save quite a bit of energy. This is the reason why eBook readers using eInk technology are thought of as environmentally friendly and “green”.

However, the fact that it only displays graphics and text in monochrome is one negative aspect of this technology. However, this may be a backward step visually. This is especially true for those who enjoy vibrant color displays and stimulating graphics. These are the type of things one can usually see on touchscreen mobile devices and smartphones.

More recent eBook readers have featured color displays, however. Now, there are lots of eBook readers that can support touchscreen technology, high speed internet connection, Bluetooth, and more. You can use the Internet connection to access the various eBook downloads online stores offer. After you have downloaded the e books you want, all you have to do is select one, open it up, flip the pages, and enjoy it!

Dedicated eBook Readers: What Are Their Advantages? 
You will find that a dedicated eBook reader is a bit larger than a multi-purpose eBook reader. Nonetheless, it is still a compact device that you can take with you and enjoy. It’s very handy to have a compact device that lets you access hundreds of books. It doesn’t matter whether you are reading for fun, relaxation, business, or study. Lots of people are using eBook readers today because they are handy, easy to use and carry and environmentally friendly.

Top E-Readers
With the vast number of e-readers available in the market today, it is harder to find which e-reader is the best to buy. Here are 3 of the top e-readers nowadays. Review their features and decide what is best for you.

Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-600
Compared to the Kindle, the PRS-600 is sleeker. Its touch screen is more responsive than last year’s Sony Reader. It has an excellent, intuitive user interface which offers better ergonomics and is easier to use. It is capable of storing thousands of electronic books because of the added optional memory card (SD or Memory Stick Pro)..

This version has five font sizes to choose from with decent battery life. The device can do 7,500 page turns on a full charge, which is roughly two weeks worth of regular reading. Charging is also fast, This full-featured reader with a good music player displays Word and PDF files with zoom, shows most image files, and plays MP3 and AAC audio. It lets you access thousands of free classic Google Books and loaner files from many local libraries through EPUB file compatibility.

The intuitive 6″ touch screen display makes navigation a breeze, letting you turn pages with the swipe of a finger. Also included is a stylus which offers freehand highlighting and annotation. It also now includes a built-in dictionary. Double-tapping on a word brings up its definition via the PRS-600’s dictionary.

However, although it is an improvement to the company’s previous touch-screen model, Sony’s Reader Touch Edition PRS-600 still has its cons. It is saddled with a screen that’s short on contrast and prone to glare. It also lacks the wireless convenience of Amazon’s identically priced Kindle. Lack of wireless access means all files must be dragged and dropped from a PC. Its battery is sealed into unit and the USB charging only works from PC’s.

The Kindle 3G
It has a wireless setup, which means you can shop, purchase, and read right out of the box. Its built-in Free 3G connectivity uses the same wireless signals that cell phones use but there are no monthly fees or commitments. The convenience you could experience with this version is that it enables you to download books anytime, anywhere without having to find a Wi-Fi hotspot connection. This makes it favorable for travelers.

 Kindle 3G

Kindle weighs 8.7 ounces and holds up to 3,500 books. You no longer have to pick and choose which books fit in your carry-on. You can always have your entire Kindle library with you. The quality of its black-and-white, non-illuminated display is also amazing. It looks almost like black laser print on glossy white paper.

The built-in dictionary is easily accessed while reading. You just have to click the up or down arrow and a dictionary pointer appears. Just move the pointer to the target word and a brief definition pops up at the end of the page.

One of the nicest features of the Kindle is the text-to-speech function which lets you have your Kindle read to you. The Kindle 3 with Wi-Fi only costs $139 and is identical to the 3g model except for the lack of 3g capability.

The Nook E-reader
The Nook has the regular black-and-white E Ink display and a 3.5-inch color touch screen which allows users to browse books.


Nook users have features such as bookmarks, and the ability to share books with friends for up to a fortnight through other e-readers, smart phones or computers

It can hold up to 1,500 e-books. The Nook also comes with built-in WiFi, 2GB of internal storage. Its rechargeable battery takes 3.5 hours to go from zero to full if using a wall outlet, and lasts for up to ten days if you flick the wireless to “off.”

It also has a microSD expansion slot, MP3 player, built-in mono speaker, 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, a micro USB port and support for EPUB, PDF and MP3.

Which Ereader Should I Buy ?

The most sought after reading format is currently e-books. However, choosing an e-book reader is harder than deciding which cereal or shampoo brand to buy. Factories in Taiwan are hard at work adding bells and whistles to e-readers to introduce them as new and improved.

The last time we counted, there were about a dozen new e-book readers marketed or about to be released.

What do I need to know to determine which Ereader should I buy ? 
Displaying text clearly and well for the purpose of reading books is what e-readers do. Here are a few other features you must insist upon:
1. Readable in all environments (including sun).
2. Low on eyestrain.
3. Easily carried.
4. Long battery life.
It is lucky that the majority of e-book readers on the market today have the same basic criteria.

There are lots of e-reader divices to choose from. Additionally, many of them are similar in function, style, and appearance. The majority of e-books are the size of a paperback book. They use a display source called EInk that originates from a company based in Cambridge, MA.

Amazon Kindle  is certainly the best known e-reader. Is it really worth that much more than the newer (perhaps knock-off) Nook Color e-book reader at $250?. See our Nook versus Kindle Comparison

Regardless of whether you want to read Thank God it’s Monday, or the latest in the Twilight saga, you will benefit from reading our guide to choosing an e-book reader.

Access to content 

The first thing you will want to keep in mind when asking the question which Ereader should I buy – is your access to content. The majority of e-book manufacturers also have e-book stores of their own. Size is definitely important. You will have a better chance of finding the book you want if the manufacturer has agreements with lots of publishers.

Amazon’s Kindle is great for this. Because it is the largest online book retailer, Amazon has leveraged that relationship for the benefit of Kindle. In fact, Amazon’s e-book store is arguably the largest. According to Amazon, it has over 285,000 books.

However, Sony isn’t going to stay behind for long. A partnership with Google that would bring approximately half a million classic books to the digital book store was announced. You can get those books free with a Sony Reader. At the close of 2008, Sony offered about 100,000 e-books in its store.

Other options in e-book readers (e.g. iRex iLiad or the Hanlin eReader) are not equipped with that kind of strength. Therefore, even though these e-book users are able to buy books from alternate online book stores, the experience is not smooth and integrated. It’s like buying music for your iPod via iTunes as opposed to purchasing music for the SanDisk music player on iTunes.

Formats supported 
The majority of e-book readers will support JPG, MP3, TXT & HTML. There are basically 2 types of formats in the e-book world. Amazon has a proprietary format called .azw which is similar to MobiPocket. There is also an open source known as ePub. Most e-readers support ePub, but Amazon Kindle does not.

The majority of large publishers make their books available in the ePub format. This includes Google Classic Books. Designers can create titles that are better formatted on ePub because it is open source, so it is a bit better than Amazon’s proprietary format in this respect.

Additionally, if you are not fond of DRM, you can get books that are free of it in the ePub format, but probably not in the .azw format. Someday, Amazon may open up Kindle so that it supports ePub. Until then, which one do you want to choose?

Using the e-reader for other things aside from books 
Aside from books, what else would you like to read with your e-book reader? If you only want to read books, look into Nook Color, starting at $250.

Amazon allows users with Kindle 2 to publish blogs to Kindle. Because it has a wireless connection, you can use Kindle to surf the web in a very basic way. Or better yet, how about hacking your device to enable it to run some spiffy applications? You may be better off getting an e-book of a little known brand that, nonetheless, runs a Linux operating system.

Price and brand 
How much money do you have to spend and how significant is the brand to you? Of course, money is tight these days, thanks to the recession. Kindle is a nice unit with good looks, its also cheap starting at $79. Bookeen Cybookis a few dollars less at $350. You might choose the Cool-er, which is priced at only $250. Of course, it’s not Kindle, but it is less expensive. Would that be a satisfactory option?

Should I Buy An Ereader ? Find the Answers Before You Buy

One of the most asked questions by avid readers is should I buy an ereader. The Simple answer is yes, but, read our e reader reviews first, compare e readers, get best free advice available before you commit yourself. E reader technology has taken eBook reading to a cutting edge level. You can read your book anywhere; you can even take the world library with you into the outback.

Among the virtually misconstrued ideas on e-readers follows that an e-reader equals simply some other computer screen. The fact is that e-readers in reality bear a exceptional screen that guarantees reduced strain to your eyes than the conventional computer screen would make. A lot of readers accept that there’s very trivial difference when reading printed text edition against reading a eBook on an e-reader.

We have all found out since appearances like Reading Rainbow and Wishbone Show that reading books possess the ability to take us anyplace. An e-reader is like one library; build up with so many possibilities. A Single e reader accommodates more than a library and affords you a lot of of your favoured book titles as you could ever actually want all in the small frame of an e reader. In Addition, they make it uncomplicated to take notes, highlight passage as well as save clips of references you want to be able to find again.

Have I answered your question should I buy an e-reader yet? If not please continue reading, or might want to consider reviewing available e-readers. E readers are all about improving readability. They’re configured to for enjoy-ability of your reading experience with virtually no hassle. Can you imagine taking a pile of books with you on a business journey or long road-trip; it causes you a lot of inconveniencies. eReaders are made to be portable, convenient and good for almost every reading environment. The only drawback of an e reader might come if you get splashed at the pool or unexpectedly spill your coffee on it.

E-books cost less to buy than conventional printed books. If you’re an individual who purchases books in their dozens, buying online for e-books might just be the best alternative for you. Please bear in mind the e reader itself is not as cheap (costing over hundred dollars on average), so in case you do not read a great deal, then maybe an e-reader isn’t for you.

The battery lifetime on just about all e-readers is exceeding good, you don’t have to be troubled about draining out power before you complete reading an eBook. That’s a feature that everyone yearns for.

E-readers broadly are made with a zoom in characteristic, which is marvellous for citizenry who are low sightedness, who are commonly tired. Text can be zoomed to very small or very large, depending on a individual’s preference.

Hopefully I have now answered your question: should I buy an ereader. There are numerous types of e readers available on the market including brand names like Amazon Kindle, Sony, if you are interested in reviewing e-readers by types please follow the links below to review individual e-readers.

Should I buy an ereader Below $150
With the numerous advantages we can get with the use of e-readers the demand for them are rapidly increasing. With the increase in the demand, price drops would not come as big shockers anymore. It is just the same with any other technology that we have.

Cheap e-readers will be more and more affordable. The price will drop on older models, thus the cheap e-reader market will get better. Hence there would be more chances for people out there who like to experience the newest e-reader versions.

Of course, price is just one factor people consider before answering the question should I buy an ereader. The quality of the product, adequate inventory and appealing marketing are just as important. There are currently three wireless E Ink eBook readers on the market that cost under $150: the Kindle 3, the Nook, and the Kobo Reader. All three have Wi-Fi.

Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi
Not only is it one of the lowest cost e-readers, Amazon Kindle 3 Wi-Fi comes with enough features to put it above many of the higher priced models. Unlike previous Kindles, the $139 Kindle Wi-Fi will connect to the Internet using only Wi-Fi instead of a cellular phone network as other Kindles do. This version is smaller and lighter, with higher contrast screens and crisper text. This version also has a web browser. It’s battery last for up 3 to 4 weeks.

Barnes and Noble Nook Wi-Fi
The new Nook Wi-Fi includes a 3.5” LCD color touch screen for navigation and a 6 inches E-Ink display for e-reading plus Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Nook

It also has a web browser. As part of the Nook eBook Reader family, Nook Wi-Fi features Barnes & Noble’s breakthrough LendMe™ technology, which allows its customers to share eBooks with their friends for up to 14 days.
Nook Wi-Fi also offers the same great in-store features like Read In Store™ to browse complete eBooks in Barnes & Noble stores for free. It can read files in several different formats including mp3, pdf, pdb, and epub.

Nook Wi-Fi customers can also use the included USB cable to connect their device to a PC or Mac to transfer their personal files in ePub, PDF and PDB formats to their Nook. In addition, customers can transfer and read personal files that utilize Adobe’s latest digital rights management or are rights-free.

Kobo Wi-Fi
The Kobo Wi-Fi at $139 has a Wi-Fi wireless connectivity. It has an improved faster processor that enables 2.5 times faster. Page turns a new, sharper, 16-greyscale, 6 inches e-Ink screen. It also has a built-in dictionary to look up word definitions.

Kobo Wireless

There’s a GB of built-in memory, with an SD card slot for additional storage and has longer battery life. Unfortunately for Kobo, Amazon drastically improved the Kindle 3, made it smaller and lighter, and slashed the price of the Kindle 3 Wi-Fi to just $139, so Kobo’s pricing advantage before is gone.

When asking the question Should I Buy an eReader Some people claim that with the same price they couldn’t see getting the Kobo 2 over the Kindle 3, considering the Kindle’s extra features and better e-book store and support from Amazon.

Hopefully this articles has helped you naswer the question should I buy an ereader

Best Places to Get Ebooks

Get Ebooks – If you utilize an ebook reader, it is imperative that you shop around before you purchase any ebooks. It’s a good idea to have a complete list of ebook sources because there are many places to download ebooks, and prices may vary wildly.

First of all let’s consider the free ebook sources available, where you can get a treasure chest of printed books as free downloads.

How to get ebooks free: Project Gutenberg is the very best place to get free books. This fantastic resource features everything from the classics, such as Alice In Wonderland, the Art Of War, or Pride And Prejudice, to some current works. It is possible to find hundreds of thousands of excellent, down-loadable ebooks in every format (epub/kindle/pdf/txt).

There are several sites available that allow you to get ebooks free; however, they typically come from Project Gutenberg. It is also possible to locate a number of popular books on bit torrent websites, if you utilize those sites.

Quality will vary, so if you enjoy the book, be sure to buy it. This supports the author. The best places to buy ebooks all around the UK include: Kobo Books, which has a large store (2 million titles) and fantastic prices. It is possible to download their e-reader software on your PC, Mac, Ipad or Iphone; alternatively, you can download the ebooks in epub/pdf format.

Diesel Ebooks are compatible with most ebook readers and usually have great prices on ebooks in the UK. Additionally, their catalog of ebooks is surprisingly large, and you can purchase in all the major formats. It is easy to purchase books, and rewards are given that you can use as a discount off your next order. (Compatible with the majority of ebook readers)

Amazon Kindle Store – If you possess an Ipad or a Kindle Amazon is the best store to get ebooks. Amazon’s ebook prices are quite competitive; however, it’s too bad that you can’t download their books in popular formats for eReaders other than Kindle.

The ebooks selection at Waterstones website (click ebooks) is good; however, their catalog in no way rivals that of Kobo or Diesel. Furthermore, their purchase process is not as user friendly.

If you want to find a good place to get ebooks in the United States, just check out Worldwide This is a great ebooks reference source. There is a big catalog and fair prices.

Kobo Books have a bigger store with 2 million titles and the prices are nice also. Their e-reader software can be downloaded on your personal computer, Mac, Ipad, iphone or in epub/pdf format for ebooks.

Diesel EBooks are compatible with most eBook readers. They have a big catalog and lots of books in a variety of formats on sale. It’s easy to get ebooks to buy, and you will get rewards to use the next time you place an order. (Compatible with most ebook readers)

If you use an Ipad or Iphone, where are the best places to get ebooks to purchase? By default, the Apple Ipad and Iphone have access to the Ibook store, but I am an Ipad user and I have found that it is impossible to find the best deals on ebooks there. Amazon normally charges 10-15% less for them.

However, some excellent alternatives are available:

If you sign up with Kobo you will get ebooks access to download their Ipad or Iphone applicattion. This will enable you to purchase books directly from Kobo Book store, and you will be able to take advantage of some outstanding discounts as well.

Where are the best places to purchases audiobooks?

It can be hard to find downloadable books. You can get some as CDs; however, this makes it hard to use your MP3 player, iphone, or ipod. We suggest having an Audible subscription so you can download audiobooks at the discount price of £4/$6.

eReaders for Kids

eReaders for Kids ? well most eBook readers currently available are made for adults. eBook readers for kids are unusual, however if you shop around enough, you will find eBook readers available that are intended for kids. Children have special reading requirements and this is the reason that some eBook readers are not appropriate for children.

What are my expectations for eReaders for Kids ? 
Children like books better if the graphics are big and full of color. Because many eBook readers currently focus mostly on words, they are usually monochromatic. This will seem boring when kids look at it. Because most eBook are unavailable in color, you can make up for this by choosing eBook readers with a touchscreen.

Special features are not needed for children because they care mostly about going from one page to another. Your best choice is an eBook reader that features simple navigation controls.

Because children are the ones who will be using it most, it is suggested that you buy an eBook that is durable and possibly spill-proof. Most likely the surface will require frequent cleaning so it is a good idea to buy an eBook reader that is stain resistant. Obviously, it should be lightweight. Finally, the price should be affordable.

Now that we have an idea of what features should be present in eReaders for Kids, here’s a great recommendation:

VTech V.Reader Animated E-Book System: 
VTech V.Reader is the sole eBook reader currently on the market that is made especially for children. It meets all of the requirements that were previously mentioned in the paragraphs such as bright graphics in color, simple navigation, sturdiness and lightweight structure.

The eBooks that are available for this gadget are obviously intended for children. The stories are full of color and animation with lively music and sounds. If you want a device made especially for children, this is your best option. It is available for $59.96.

The Sony Digital Reader Pocket Version: 
If it is your goal for your children to begin reading full length texts, this eReaders for Kids is a good way to get them on their way. It is not heavy so it won’t be hard for kids to carry it around. Some of the advanced features might not be used if your children are too young to understand innovative devices. The price for this eBook reader is $148.97.

The Ectaco Jbl-en Jetbook-lite Ereader: 
Similar to the Sony Digital e Reader Pocket Version, this is a lightweight eBook reader and it is easy for children to handle. While it has more advanced features, that could end up being an advantage. Among its advanced features are auto page navigation and bookmarking; these are features that may be useful for children as well as easy to utilize. The price for this eBook reader is $129.27.

The Barnes & Noble Nook eBook Reader: 
Children will surely like The Nook because it has a colorful touchscreen display. The dictionary is built in so it is useful for children to understand the meaning of words while they are reading eBook. This eReaders for Kids is advanced, however, so the cost for an EBook reader for kids might be somewhat expensive. The cost is $239.99.

The Amazon Kindle: Kindle 2 
Similar to the Nook, a built-in dictionary is included in the Kindle 2 and this will enhance children’s educational experience. In addition, the Kindle does not weigh much so it’s simple for kids to read eBooks in bed or in another area in which they are comfortable.

As many as 1,500 books can be stored on it, allowing you and your kids to share your selections. Battery power is very good and children need to charge one time a week if WiFi is used but if not, one time every two weeks is enough. This eReaders for Kids might cost too much because price is $189.00, just like the Nook.

You might also be able to find used Kindles, but make sure you know the considering factors before making that purchase.

eReader – Frequently Asked Questions

What formats are supported by eReaders?

Several different formats. Txt and pdf files are supported by all models, as are basic image files such as gifs and jpgs. Outside of these fundamental formats, supported formats vary.

What is the battery life for an eReader?

The advantage of an e-ink/electrophoretic display is that they use the most power when a page is flipped. Battery life is normally listed as 7,000 to 8,000 page flips; that could be as much as 2 or 3 weeks of heavy reading.

Models which have access to a wireless network, or that have touchscreens, usually run out of power more quickly than other models. However, these models require much less charge time than other similar models.

What is the procedure for recharging an eBook reader? 
In order to charge, most devices utilize a USB cord connected to a computer, and quite a few can also be charged using an AC wall charger and car charger. It takes about 4 hours for USB devices to charge, with AC/car chargers taking approximately 2 hours.

Does an eReader hurt your eyesight? 
Absolutely not. In fact, in comparison to reading a computer screen, there is less eyestrain because they have high contrast and no flicker.

How many books can be stored in an eReader’s memory? 
This can vary from product to product. Some models, such as the Kindle 2, have a fixed memory of 2 GB (over 1,5000 books); however, the majority of eReaders have much less memory — maybe 256 to 512 MB — but can be expanded using memory cards.

When is the Kindle scheduled for release in the UK and Europe? 
This question was asked very often, because it had been difficult to set up its free, always-on, cellular data signal throughout Europe. The process necessitated a number of deals with various providers. However, the Kindle 2 ultimately made its way to the market in the Fall of 2009.

What are the books you can purchase in ebook format? 
It varies. New books are largely available, with the Kindle 2 offering 300,000 titles as well as 103 of 110 current New York Times bestsellers in Kindle format.

Fewer titles are available with other readers — 100,000 titles are available in Sony’s library, and certainly you can obtain titles that have not been copyrighted at no charge at a number of sites. Some books only come in ebook format.

What is the cost of e-books? 
They are different prices, with most new books costing around ten dollars, which is a big savings over purchasing the book in a hardcover form. Older books will be cheaper — sometimes there is no cost at all, particularly if there is no longer a copyright.

What are the types of ebooks available for consumers? 
Pretty much everything, from the newest novels to non-fiction books and even textbooks.

Are audiobooks also available? 
There are some models which support audiobooks. Specifically, the Kindle 2 links directly to 50,000 audiobooks on; it even includes a text to speech function that can transform any book into an audiobook (albeit slightly computery sounding).

What are the best eReaders on the market? 
We try to provide this information with our ratings. If asked for their recommendations, the majority of industry analysts would select four models — the Amazon Kindle 2, the Sony Daily Edition, Barnes & Noble Nook, and the iRex iLiad.

In the November 2009 issue of Consumer Reports, the Kindle was found to be the runaway market leader as far as value. A number of other readers available, most of which are variants of Chinese or Taiwanese models. These work well and cost a bit less, but are not utilized as much in the West.

Can a person who requires large print enlarge the font size? 
Yes, the majority of readers provide a variety of fonts (some utilize TrueType fonts that you can select and upload) as well as three to six sizes, depending on the model.

Do I have to pay any regular fees? 
There is not a monthly fee charged for readers that have access to a wireless network, or to download ebooks, which are charged by the book.

Are eBook readers very durable? 
This depends on the individual user, but overall they are a little more durable than a laptop. It is best to use a cover any time you are transporting the device to prevent scratching the screen. There is variation among operating temperatures, however the majority will work in temperatures that range from 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. They can be stored safely at temperatures that range from -4 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Refer to the instructions that come with each model.

Can ebooks display in color? 
No, various shades of grey are utilized, with older models using 4 shades, newer ones using 8 and the newest models using 16 greyscales. The technology is available to produce e-ink displays, and they may be on the market within 3-5 years. However, the current level of greyscales is fine for the majority of book applications.