When comparing the Kindle DX or iPad, which device is optimal?

Kindle DX or iPad – Make beautiful eBooks in little time. Give it try without paying for it. Download right this minute! The iPad and the Kindle are both remarkable e-readers, but which one is the best choice? With this Kindle DX versus iPad evaluation, you will learn all of the good and bad things about each unit so you can choose between the two!

Features – iPad Rating
The iPad might be the most total and stunning device ever made, along with the iPhone. What are the reasons? Truthfully, it has a very responsive 9.7 inch touchscreen, a stunning metallic finish, and millions of application to meet your needs.

The top features include 
• Videos and Youtube: access to view the youtube video (or movies) you desire, any time, is just wonderful. The truth is that the screen is extremely clear and sharp which enhances the experience.
• E-Mail, Social Networking, Web-surfing: It is quite simple to use iPad to read your e-mail. Web-browsing should be quite familiar; it is possible to utilize multitouch gestures (such as zoom and pinch) so that the experience is as smooth as possible.
• Specialized apps are available for checking Facebook and Twitter; best of all, this can be done while lying in bed–or even while you are on the bus if you have a 3G connection!
• iBooks: The iPad also functions very well as an e-book reader. The page turning animation appears very life like and text is bright and clear. The biggest downside is reading in bright sunlight is out of the question, so the Kindle DX is the winner on this point.

Features – Kindle RX Rating
The Kindle DX has one sole purpose and that is for reading.

A web browser is included which allows you to access the Internet if you so desire (although it’s nothing to write home about and definitely not as good as that of the iPad). You can also utilize it to read PDF documents, but its primary purpose is as a true e-ink device.

It is better than the iPad when used in this manner, as it feels more like a book and it doesn’t cause as much strain on the eyes. Kindle has a few advantages over the iPad including its smaller size, light weight, and simplicity to read even when in the sun.

Performance – Kindle DX or iPad
The Kindle was designed just for reading books, which makes it simple and easy to use.

Performance is far more critical for iPad, so how well does its 1 Ghz processor function? Truthfully, it runs extremely well and just about all apps perform quickly without issues. The processing of the graphic is shockingly good (be prepared for top-quality visuals!) and video play is good.

My only complaint is that if your device is jailbroken and you utilize the Backgrounder app, sometimes your iDevice will crash due to the small RAM memory available (256 MB). This will probably not be an issue in the next iOs 4.X versions, however. If your iPad has not been jailbroken, it is not a problem.

Cost – Kindle DX or iPad
While the iPad is quite polished and complete, this quality comes at a price (as is the case with most gadgets produced by Apple).

With a price tag of $499, the Wi-Fi-only 16 GB version is ideal for those who merely wish to enjoy the benefits of the device without paying for a 3G connection. The priciest model is the 64 GB 3G-enabled version that sells for $829. This is meant for executives who are truly interested in utilizing their iPads to their fullest potential.

The Amazon Kindle has a much smaller price tag – approximately $379.

Bottom Line – Kindle DX or iPad
The Kindle DX is the device for you if you are merely interested in reading e-books (even though the iPad’s iBooks app is quite solid as well). However, the Kindle DX is less costly and far easier to read in bright light.

If you are interested in a unique “touchscreen laptop” that allows you to do a number of things no matter where you are (like writing this article!), then you will have to pay little more money. But you won’t regret it.