Nook vs Kindle 2 Comparison

Nook vs Kindle 2 – Take a look at the Kindle 3 and compare it with the Nook review. This comparison of the new Kindle 3 and the Nook is the widely accepted Kindle-Nook comparative.

If you would like to learn more about the differences between Kindle 2 and Nook, kindly check out the most up to date Kindle vs Nook review which was compiled in April 2010 with major references from Nook’s third software upgrade.

Moving ahead into the Nook and Kindle 2 Review: after the announcement of the Nook, came the inclusion of Kindle PDF support, Kindle for PC is available to the public and Amazon has responded and improved on it.

•    The Kindle is available at Amazon.

Nook vs Kindle 2 Comparison with Nook On Top

  1. LendMe – This allows your friends to borrow your Nook eBook for up to two weeks (14days). They can access it on their Nook, iPhone or personal computer. The publisher has the authority to turn off this access.
  2. It is an excellent feature to be able to use Nook to Nook lending allowing you to share with another Nook user.
  3. Overdrive Library eBooks works with Nook. The range of eBooks at libraries does not amount to much. To move to Nook you can use Adobe Digital Editions.
  4. Using 3.5, you can look and view various covers.
  5. The browser is wonderful but only operates on WiFi.
  6. Contains WiFi radio 802.11 b/g and is available at no cost at Barnes and Noble bookstores.
  7.  Can expand memory with the Micro SD slot.
  8. Can support ePub.
  9. Has unique screensavers and you can personalize back covers.
  10. Has a battery that you can replace.

B&N carefully assessed and analyzed similar complaints given by Kindle owners which were about the memory card, the battery and lending feature.

Though B&N based their major selling point to be the LendMe feature, this was limited by Publishers.

Android can develop and success but the videos do not illustrate any extra value by its use.

Nook vs Kindle 2 Comparison Where They Both Come Out On Top

  1. Both Kindle and Nook have the same eInk screen
  2. Both have PDF support which was included as of November 24, 2009.
  3. The cost of bestsellers is $9.99 after B&N responded to the competitive pricing on offer by Amazon. Other than bestsellers, you can get Kindle books at an affordable cost. To get a good deal, you should compare prices at Kindle and B&N ebooks stores.
  4. Cost for both is currently at $259 again a response to Amazon’s pricing. Amazon has placed Kindles with the International Kindle in order to keep the price competitive.
  5. It appears that Nook will offer regular free eBooks just as Kindle does. Titles promoted include Maximum Ride which Kindle has offered for free before.
  6. Both have PC support. Kindle for PC offers multi-touch, and support for Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Recent Updates to Both Kindle and Nook

  1. A user now has the ability to view whole eBooks at B&N stores. There is a limitation of one hour per book in a 24 hour period and not all books are covered in this offer.
  2. B&N reports that there are over one million eBooks available, a majority of which are freely available to the public on Google
  3. The life of the battery in the Kindle 2 International has been improved by 75% leaving the Nook with a shorter battery life
  4. Though it is not an important difference, the Kindle is slimmer than and not as heavy as the compact Nook.
  5. You can only listen to mp3s on the Nook and as it doesn’t support audio books
  6. Though it doesn’t give Kindle much of an advantage, the dual screens and touch screen are a challenge for one handed use.
  7. Covers in Nook are from Kate Spade, Tahari and Jonathan Adler but Amazon only has Cole Haan.
  8. Kindle allows a maximum of six users on one account while Nook does not specify the limitation on how many Nooks can use one account.
  9. Though Sony eBooks are expensive, you can access them on Nook.

Even though B&N have 1,300 stores, it would be of benefit for people to go online and get more information on Kindle before making a decision.

Nook vs Kindle 2 Comparison With Kindle On Top

  1. Many reviewers have highlighted that the Kindle is faster than the Nook which is also not as easy to use. B&N have noted these observations and are trying to fix it.
  2. Kindle offers free access to Wikipedia from anywhere in the world.
  3. The Kindle has the Read To Me Text to Speech feature.
  4. Though the interface is not as intuitive as it should be with confusing two screens and bad menus, the Kindle is easier to use than the Nook.
  5. Kindle is available in over 176 countries, 81 of which have free Wikipedia and WhisperNet.
  6. For those who prefer a physical keyboard instead of a touch screen one, Kindle has one available.
  7. Books that are normally expensive at the B&N store that are non Agency Model Publishers can be accessed at a n affordable cost with Kindle.
  8. There are a wider variety of newspapers and magazines with Kindle.
  9. Kindle comes with free Internet access.
  10. The return conditions are more favorable with Kindle which has a return period of 30 daya with no restocking fee against Nook’s 14 day return period and 10% restocking fee.

If you are outside the US, International Kindle can still buy books while Nook cannot. If you can access Nook using WiFi, you can view newspapers and magazines for free.

Nook vs Kindle 2 Last Words…
In Nook vs Kindle 2 comparison both the Kindle and the Nook are good eBook readers. Kindle comes at an affordable value of $189 with free Interent access while Nook is WiFi enabled with a wonderful browser. Both offer good selling points.

  • Choose the Kindle if any of the following is important to you: expansive range of eBooks, fast user interface, free Internet access, Read To Me feature, international WhisperNet, Wikipedia.
  • Choose the Nook if any of the attributes here is what you are looking for: a good browser, extended memory, ePub support, WiFi, replaceable battery, Library eBooks support.

The final word on this comparison is that both the Kindle and Nook offer a competitive edge over the other. Though it can be said to be too close to call I believe the Kindle is ahead. it is best to analyze both and make a decision for yourself.

See more details and gain more insight on the Nook vs Kindle review which has not received any updates since 2009.

According to your preferences on features, you can be able to determine the better choice between the Nook vs Kindle 2.