Nook or Sony Comparison Review

Nook or Sony – GQ’s guide to the four best eReaders available: 
This is a great time to be searching for an eBook reader to purchase because so many excellent choices are available, such as the Nook, iPad, Kindle and Sony eReader. In addition, since eReaders first came onto the market, a wider selection of content can be accessed, including eBooks, newspapers and Internet content.

Nook or Sony

Prices are lower, too. Be that as it may, the buyer has to figure out which reader is the best choice for purchase. The following are some considerations for determining which you prefer, the Nook or the Sony eReader.

We would have had a practically level playing field when comparing the Nook and Sony eReaders had the Nook Color not been introduced. This is especially so when you take into consideration that both readers carry a price tag of $149 and feature similar displays, however, other differences must be considered.

Nook or Sony -Display: 
The display is perhaps the first thing everyone looks at. Both utilize eInk technology, which makes it easy to read comfortably for many hours, even in bright sunlight. However, the Nook’s second 3.5″ color display located at the bottom of the main display distinguishes that device from the Sony reader. This smaller display is excellent for browsing the bookstore in full color, while not consuming a great deal of battery life due to its size.

Even though the Nook possesses this outstanding feature, it is difficult to blame Sony for not doing something along the same lines, particularly since it has such a good interface of its own.

PC World’s Melissa Perenson says that Sony’s “refreshed lineup of eReaders and new touch-screen technology ups the ante over its competition.” In addition, the Nook Color provides a full 7″ LCD color display that animates color rich content that is viewed on the device.

The Nook Color is superior to the base Nook and Sony reader for all uses, including reading magazines and newspapers, due to its color display. The Nook Color is not as easy to read in bright light and its battery does not last very long (only 8 hours in comparison to the standard Nook that has a battery life of 10 days).

Nook or Sony – Selection of Books: 
Whether one is purchasing a Nook or a Sony eReader, one of the primary considerations should be the quantity of content (magazines, books, apps) that the reader can access.

Barnes & Noble has relied on book sales for its profits since its inception many years ago, so it comes as no surprise that they provide hundreds of thousands of books in their online store. This is a number against which Sony just cannot compete at this point in time. Since these two eReaders provide formats like EPUB and PDF, what types of books and information are available for downloading? These two formats allow millions of free books to be available for checkout from public libraries. However, Nook’s LendMe™ technology gives that device an edge over the Sony.

Barnes & Noble is the only one offering this technology, making it possible to ‘lend’ out a book for two weeks. When the book is loaned, it shows up on the friend’s Nook Color. Once the loan period has expired, the book is automatically returned to the lender’s library, with neither party incurring any charges.

Nook or Sony – Wireless: 
It would be inconvenient to have to attach your eReader to your computer whenever you want to transfer files, so the reader you select should include some type of wireless service. It is possible to get the entry level Nook with both 3G and Wi-Fi, but the 3G will cost you a bit more. Luckily, free data service is included with the 3G service that you will have to purchase for $50.

Nook or Sony – Conclusion: 
All the Nook and Sony eReaders will do a good job. They are all small enough to transport comfortably and utilize each day to read books, newspapers and web content. Solid interfaces are present on all devices and overall permit a satisfactory user experience.

Having said that, I still believe any version of the Nook is a better choice than the Sony reader due to the vast quantity of content that is accessible via the Barnes & Noble eBook store and their LendMe technology.