NOOK color vs Kindle – eBook Reader Showdown

NOOK color vs Kindle – Many eBook readers are now available for buyers to choose from; from the utilitarian Amazon Kindle to the more flexible Nook Color, there is quite a plethora of choices. While every choice has its advantages, each one should be assessed on its own merit. We will compare the NOOK color against the Kindle 3.

NOOK color vs Kindle – Display and Readability
Depending upon what the device is being utilized for, the Nook Color is superior to the Kindle in terms of the display. While the Kindle has a black and white display, its e-ink technology doesn’t strain the eyes when reading even for long periods of time.

When one attempts to read in direct sunlight, the advantage of having an e-ink display are even more evident. Although color washout may occur on color displays and they are hard to read in lighting which is bright, e-ink displays, like the one featured on the Kindle, are glare free and easy to read.

However, the Nook’s display is ideal for reading color rich content, like magazines and children’s books, but the battery life has trouble supporting the color display. The truth is that the NOOK color only provided eight hours of reading prior to requiring to be recharged. This is totally unacceptable, particularly when the Kindle can go for a month without needing to be recharged.

NOOK color vs Kindle – Portability and Feature set
Up to this point, we have spent most of our time praising the Kindle and discussing the issues of the Nook Color, but there are good things about the Nook as well.

The NOOK color is an ereader that features a 7-inch screen display; 8GB of onboard memory; microSD slot; built-in Wireless and the Barnes & Noble Nookbook store. The gadget is able to show images and play particular audio and video formats. Additional software options should be available soon since the device runs on the Android platform, but many more should have been available when the device came to market.

The Nook and the Kindle are well-built e-readers, but the Kindle just seems more like a travel companion, partially because it weighs less than the Nook. It is debatable whether the size and weight of the Kindle is better than that of the Nook, but since the Nook is twice as heavy as the Kindle (11.2 ounces), it is easy to understand why people feel that the Kindle is the superior travel companion.

NOOK color vs Kindle – Conclusion 
Both of these e-readers are built well and are highly recommended, but when trying to make a choice between the two, there are many things to consider. If you are looking for a device that can be stored easily in your luggage without any problems then the Kindle is ideal for you. You should also choose the Kindle if you want an e-reader that you can use for many days without having to recharge.

In contrast, the NOOK color is ideal for seeing color content and the majority of multimedia content available on it. You won’t hold it against people who claim that the NOOK color is a tablet, and in a way it is. While it is not really in the same league as the iPad, it performs well and the cost is less than half that of the iPad. That being said, it is possible to obtain aKindle 3 with Wi-Fi for only $139. We feel that that the Kindle is superior to the NOOK color which is only good if you need a color reader.