Kindle vs Kindle DX Review

Kindle vs Kindle DX Features: 

In order to decide which is the better e-reader, the original Amazon Kindle or the Kindle DX, we need to evaluate what they have to offer. Using the following criteria, we did a comparison of the Kindle and the Kindle DX: display size, device size, battery life, connectivity feature, price. The two Kindle devices are different by the features they offer.

The Kindle DX boasts a significantly larger screen; it measures 9.7 inches diagonally, compared to Kindle’s 6-inch screen. Users should realize that because Kindle emphasizes the diagonal display, it does not support landscape mode. It stands to reason that because of the difference in size between these two devices, they differ in other features as well. So, which is superior? Large or tiny? When it comes to reading ebooks, it goes without saying that a larger display will result in a better reading experience.

The Kindle DX’s larger display uses more battery energy. This is why the battery like of the Kindle is still superior to the Kindle DX. With wireless connectivity turned off, the Kindle can last for a month, while the Kindle DX lasts 2-3 weeks.

When the wireless connectivity is on, the Kindle provides 3 weeks of battery life while the DX provides 7 days. While we are on the subject of wireless connectivity, the Kindle only provides WiFi while the Kindle DX has both 3G and WiFi. Naturally, the Kindle DX is superior to the Kindle in this area.

Lastly, the key consideration when purchasing a new Kindle and which model to get – the cost. Once again, because the Kindle DX is larger, it costs more than the Kindle. The original Kindle sells for $139 and the Kindle DX is $379.

Kindle vs Kindle DX – Performance 
I was lucky to get to try out both Kindle varieties. When I first tried the original Kindle, I was stunned. This was way before the iPad was introduced; it was the first tablet gadget I had ever used. At that moment, I knew that the Amazon Kindle was a revolutionary device. Then the Kindle DX debuted.

The DX is superior to the original device in a number of ways, and it runs just as fast as the Kindle when a person is reading an ebook, downloading books from the Amazon Kindle store and skimming through virtual pages of ebooks. I knew immediately that the future of the Amazon Kindle was the Kindle DX. The original Kindle accomplished what it needed to. The Kindle DX should be given the star treatment today.

Kindle vs Kindle DX – The Similarities 
Native PDF formats are supported by both the Kindle and the Kindle DX. Therefore, if you are not interested in obtaining books via Amazon, it is possible to find free content on the Internet that you can read on your Kindle. Amazon’s Whispersync technology, text-to-speech, portrait and landscape view, and e-ink technology are supported by both Kindle devices.

Kindle vs Kindle DX- Which one is the superior eBook Reader? 
Even though it is fairly obvious that the Kindle DX has more features than the original, it does not necessarily follow that the Kindle DX is better than the Kindle. Each has their advantages and disadvantages. The Kindle DX weighs more than the Kindle so a few people might prefer the lighter model. Certainly many features come into play when one is trying to determine which eBook reader is best, but we will let you make your own determination as to which one is the best for you.