Sony vs Kindle Reader Comparison

Sony vs Kindle reader – The Evolution of eBook Readers

Many technological devices have been developed to help automate many of our daily activities. These days we can get onto the Internet, do our banking and shopping online and keep in touch with others using social networking sites and apps, plus people are reducing their carbon footprint while doing so. This is just the reasoning for creating eBook readers.

eReaders provide an environmentally sound method for reading any kind of media utilizing an electronic device. This means that people no longer have to carry around stacks of books and magazines, plus, fewer trees have to be cut down in order to provide paper to manufacture these books and magazines.

With an eBook reader, it is possible to store and access hundreds of books and other printed media on a flat, rectangular device. Not only does an outstanding eBook reader allow you to access books, but also it allows you to do so with a minimum of effort. It also provides a large, clear screen and long battery life. The Sony eBook Reader and the Kindle are two of the most popular of these. Both these have multiple features, details and additional worth taking notice of and comparing.

Sony vs Kindle reader – Similar Features
The Sony eBook Reader against Kindle competition has accelerated over the last period of time, trying to determine which model is the best. They are very similar, despite being developed by two very different companies.

To begin with, both devices utilize the same display technology, similar microprocessors and storage modes, both internal and external. Also, both product’s battery life can work for one week on a full charge. They also share many common characteristics, such as default fonts, and their ability to zoom. Even though these two eBook Readers are somewhat alike, they are also dissimilar in many ways.

Sony vs Kindle reader – Touch ScreenTechnology 
Although both devices utilize E-Ink technology, differences exist between their touch screen facilities. Sony has 2 eBook readers with varying touchscreens: the Daily Edition and Touch Edition. The Daily Edition’s touchscreen is 7 inches, and the Touch Edition comes in at a smaller 6 inches.

The Kindle eBook reader interface can be altered and accessed through hardware buttons. You can turn the page, change the text size and add text with the cell phone like buttons. Newer versions of the Sony reader include the choice of altering, editing, and manipulating media with a touchscreen interface.

Sony vs Kindle reader – Lifetimes 
Since its creation, the Kindle only has two eBook reader versions, and Sony is on its third generation. While one outstanding release may provide a project that is superior even after a competitor produces three other inferior products, Sony’s recent third generation with its new features has allowed the Sony to pull ahead of the Kindle.

Sony vs Kindle reader – Free Access to Media and Wireless Connectivity
A computer is not needed by the Kindle eBook device in order to access the Internet since it includes an EVDO cellular 3G connection for Sprint users to the Internet. The Kindle 2 provides a cost free Internet and access to Wikipedia. Its users can get readable media less expensively, and its online store offers a number of books, magazines and blogs from which users can select.

Sony’s eBook reader doesn’t have wireless Internet capabilities. This results in having to download books from a PC to the reader before accessing them. The Sony Reader might not be the top choice for those who want to use the internet and read books at their convenience.

Sony vs Kindle reader – Extra Features
Sony eBook reader includes a built in PDF reader, which the Kindle does not, which makes downloading and reading PDF’s easy. The Kindle cannot do this as it needs PDFs to be formatted into Mobipocket format. The majority of individuals find this to be too much work and choose not to get a Kindle. Dropping or jarring a Kindle is less damaging, due to its built-in shock protection. Sony’s device doesn’t come with shock absorption, so users must be particularly careful.

Sony vs Kindle reader – Summary
The eBook Reader by Sony, compared to Kindle competition has its plusses and minuses. Where one device might have a flaw, another might compensate for it. Both devices are fairly creative and original in their attempts to offer eco-friendly products and useful devices. It all boils down to an individual’s personal preferences. That’s how they can tell whether Sony’s sleek touchscreen reader or the second version of the Kindle is right for them.

Sony Reader vs Kindle Comparison

Sony Reader vs Kindle – Kindle

A high-contrast screen and Amazon’s vast catalog of e-books, newspapers, magazines, and blogs are all available to you. Compatible with PCs and Macs, this device offers a wireless connection, a keyboard for jotting down notes, and an expansion slot for additional memory. If you have an iPhone, Amazon’s Kindle has an iPhone ebook reader for use with the iPhone. Best of all, it’s free.

Why you may find it off-putting? 
Poorly designed, unattractive and it’s expensive ($359). The Wi-Fi feature would be more convenient if Kindle contained a full web browser. While there is nothing wrong with a black-and-white screen, it would have been so much better if they had included the choice to use full color, especially for perusing e-mags and Internet browsing. Finally, which is likely the most off-putting info on the Kindle, is the fact that it is based on its own proprietary eBook format.

Unless the eBook is from Amazon, you can’t load it onto your Kindle. While they will convert files you send them at no cost to you, the process can be somewhat tedious, especially if you are thinking about converting several eBooks that you wanted to read but that are not in the Kindle format.

The Kindle has a 6-inch diagonal E-Ink electronic paper display; it includes a 600×800 pixel resolution at 167 dpi and a 4-level gray scale; it weighs 10.3 ounces. If you want a reader that has more features, you’ll want to comparison shop the Kindle 2 and the Kindle DX.

Sony Reader vs Kindle – Our decision? 
If you are looking for an e-reader that gives you the ability to read books as well as other materials (like magazines) that look exactly like the real thing, then you definitely want the Amazon Kindle. And if you are an Amazon customer, then there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to purchase Amazon’s Kindle, as long as price is no object.

Sony Reader vs Kindle – Sony PRS-505 
What are the reasons for getting it?
You can select between two color choices, either silver or intense blue. You will be able to retain thousands of eBooks which you will enjoy reading on a display that is clearer and more readable than any traditional book. The truth is, you can read eBooks in any environment including bright areas. You can adjust the font sizes to accommodate your visual needs.

It supports PDF and Word file digital formats, and its battery also lasts a long time. Even better is that if can used to play DRM-free MP3 music files. This e-reader is compatible with both DRM-free text (which it adjusts to match the reader’s screen) and DRM text, for example, BBeB Book (LRX), Secure PDF, and ePub.

Sony Reader vs Kindle – Why wouldn’t you like it? 
Costly content, which is provided only through the Sony Internet store. It will cost more to get the AC adapter (as it is an optional add-on), but if don’t want to dish out the extra cash, it comes with a USB cable to re-charge the reader via a USB port on your PC or laptop. It does not have desktop software assistance for Macs.

While it can handle files in PDF format, it would have been more desirable if the reader didn’t shrink these types of files to fit its screen. The reader does not have a zoom, so it makes it much harder to read for those with visual problems.

The PRS-505 has a 6-inch e-ink display and weighs 9 ounces. It has 4-bit (16 gray levels) color support, lithium ion battery and Memory Stick Duo, along with SD Memory Card support.

Sony Reader vs Kindle – Bottom Line: 
With its state-of-the-art features, the Sony PRS-505 totally outperforms the Amazon Kindle. Also, the PRS-505’s cost is much less than the Kindle. However, Amazon has an inventory of thousands of eBooks and a digital information catalog, something Sony does not have.

However, Sony is Sony, a tech business known for manufacturing top consumer devices. So consider this to mean that the Sony PRS-505 is clearly the better buy at an extremely affordable price.