The Raspberry Ketone for Fat Burning

I have been asked by many about natural compounds that can be used as a fat burner. One topic that has come up a lot recently due to media buzz is raspberry ketones. A Raspberry Ketone is an aroma compound from red raspberries. There was a study on mice that showed raspberry ketones helped prevent mice from putting on weight due to a high fat diet. There are many studies in Asia that showed signs of fat burning and increased insulin sensitivity. However, there has been no studies that showed this same effect in humans. This did not stop the media and buzz that was created in the weight loss industry after Dr. Oz said they were the number one miracle in a bottle to lose fat. Raspberry ketones have now become a widely popular way to try and lose weight.

Heath Benefits of Raspberry Ketones

Since this compound is very rich in anti-oxidants, there are some health benefits. Along with a healthy diet and lifestyle, raspberry ketones can be a great addition. You may notice increased energy levels.

As with any supplement, you will not see any weight loss solely by taking this one. A supplement is only meant to do just that — supplement an already healthy diet to achieve your goals. Weight loss can occur with this supplement as long as the rest of your diet is in check. You may have seen amazing before and after photos of people losing a lot of weight while using raspberry ketones. It is important to note that these people already took on a well balanced diet and exercise regimen.

Should I Take Raspberry Ketones?

Before deciding whether or not you should take raspberry ketones, you need to weigh the cost versus the health benefits. If your diet is already full of anti-oxidants, you may not notice much of a difference. If you are looking to lose weight with this supplement, give it a shot and see if it works for you. Be sure to supplement it with a well balanced diet.

How Pull Ups Can Benefit Your Back Workout

It is important to add an effective back workout program to your gym routine because these muscles will not only help your physique, but also help improve your posture.

Most gyms have a variety of different machines that target your back muscles. There are also a couple of exercises you can do right from your home to make things easier. We are just going to focus on the pull up because it is a great way to develop your back muscles.

 Pull ups

Pull ups target your latissimus dorsi muscles. These are the muscles that can give your body more of a “V” shape instead of a square.

The great thing about pull ups is that you can do them in the comfort of your own home if you have a pull up bar.

They are great for targeting your back muscles as well as your core and biceps.

Don’t worry If you are not able to do a single pull up with your own body weight. Many people simply do not yet have the strength to pull up their body weight. Fortunately, most gyms have assisted pull up machines that can help you build up your strength until you are able to do them on your own.

You can also follow this 5 phase program to do your first pull up:

Another alternative is to use a lat pull down machine that has the pull up attachment.

Proper Form

Many people make the mistake of swinging their body and using momentum to complete a repetition. It is crucial that you do not do this because you may injure yourself, and you are basically just wasting your time.

Pull ups should be performed with strict form in order to target your back muscles most effectively.


  1. Begin by holding onto the bar with your hands slightly wider than shoulder width. Your palms should be facing away from you on this exercise.
  2. Hang onto the bar with your arms straight.
  3. Lift your legs off the ground and begin pulling your weight up using your lattissimus Doris muscles and your arms.
  4. Be sure to keep your neck in a neutral position throughout the repetition to avoid strain.
  5. When performing a pull up, it helps to pretend you are squeezing your back muscles together.